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Founded in 1999, Fashion Feng Shui International offers online and face-to-face training in the transformational wellness technique called Fashion Feng Shui.

Fashion Feng Shui takes nature's five elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal and applies them to your personality, your appearance, your lifestyle, and your goals and dreams. It's a holistic practice that devotes equal attention to your mind, body and spirit.

Over the past two decades, Fashion Feng Shui has empowered hundreds of people from all over the world to wear what they love while truly honoring who they are. Fashion Feng Shui departs from a positive standpoint, maintaining that you are perfect to begin with but only need to find clothing that energizes you, making you look and feel fantastic in the process!

In our philosophy, there is no “before and after” transformation. Everyone is beautiful and complete, but we may just need some guidance in ensuring that our clothes pay tribute to our true selves. Wardrobe Wellness is the pathway to creating closet harmony and living the best life we can!