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Wardrobe Wellness Wheel

Fashion Feng Shui has always been a holistic practice, as it succeeds in addressing the mind, body and spirit where most other image practices fall short. This is why we've been talking so much about well-being lately, and why we decided to change the name of our monthly newsletter from Wardrobe Wisdom to Wardrobe Wellness. After all, appearance is only one small part of the bigger picture we're interested in.

Floral prints are popping up everywhere. They’re in dresses, jackets, shoes, scarves, handbags, trench coats and more. Do you find yourself drawn to some floral print and put off by others?
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In our parts, the sure sign that the summer is winding down comes with the Falmouth Road Race, which I've run every year since I took over Fashion Feng Shui International in 2013. That first year, family and friends raised almost $40,000 for Evana's oncologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Nowadays I do it solo and just for fun, but I still wear my Team Evana shirt!
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Spring is the time for new beginnings, fresh perspective (my buzzword), maybe a new wardrobe or at least a few new key pieces to update your closet. Although you’ll see Pantone’s Living Coral on the forefront, let’s discuss some other wearable trends you’ll see for Spring 2019.
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The Wedding Season has well and truly begun.

It seems Spring/Autumn are the biggest months to have a wedding, and according to a Google search, these two seasons are the most popular for brides. And for me, here in Perth, Western Australia, it seems everywhere I look someone is celebrating their anniversary, planning a wedding or getting married, as we are in the Autumn season and have some wonderful weather. I must admit I am a bit biased to this time of year, as I was an April Bride many years ago, too.