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Wow! What a Fall and Winter we've had in the American South! I considered writing about trends in rain gear because it’s been raining all the time, and everyone is wrapped in a nylon or plastic bubble. But I snapped out of it and looked for a fresh perspective: wearable trends that all the elements can enjoy for Spring 2019.

Fashion Feng Shui Master Sue Donnelly often talks about “Wardrobe Wellness,” and I want to echo that message for all of you for when it comes to trends. It's about finding and wearing clothing that's authentically you.

Trends are short-lived and sometimes hard to relate to for many everyday people. Clients in my area of the South are predominately conservative, and they may only want to incorporate the latest color into their wardrobe. 

Spring is the time for new beginnings, fresh perspective (my buzzword), maybe a new wardrobe or at least a few new key pieces to update your closet. Although you’ll see Pantone’s Living Coral on the forefront, let’s discuss some other wearable trends you’ll see for Spring 2019.

Wood, Fire and Earth: Ruffle Trend



I’ve been incorporating more Water: The Contemplator into my wardrobe lately because I’ve been trying to be more creative and just “be”. 

Ruffles are one trend that you’ll see everywhere, from dainty ruffles around the neck or cuffs to dresses covered in giant ruffles. Statement sleeves are still very popular, and every element can add ruffle, either with the sleeves trend or on another part of the garment. Adding a chiffon fabric to the ruffles will continue the fluidity that Waters crave. 

Remember, ruffles will add width or thickness, so placement is key, but if worn correctly they can hide a multitude of “concerns.” Adding a ruffle diagonally across the body will create some drama but will also break up the body, which can be flattering. 

Earth, Water and Metal: Utilitarian Trend



The Utilitarian Trend, also called Safari or Cargo Chic, will have Earth tone lovers swooning! From cargo pants and skirts with patch pockets to trench coats and oversized jackets, Earth: The Caregiver and Wood: The Crusader will be intrigued with these simple, sold-colored designs. 

Check out your local army/navy or military store to add authentic yet affordable accessory pieces, like an extra-long surplus belt in olive drab, to cinch your waist and have extra length to loop around the buckle. 

These pieces will mix nicely with the ever-lasting athleisure trend. Simply throw on your leggings, aka yoga pants, t-shirt and oversized trench with your scarf head wrap, and you'll look surprisingly stylish. 

Wood elements will enjoy all of the oversized pockets and spaces for gadgets, while Earths will love the color scheme and boxier shape of some items. Men can easily adapt to this trend. Shades of khaki, olive drab, mustard, and creams round out the color story. Add a stripe or floral print to punch up the look and your unique twist. 

Fire and Metal: Asymmetric Neckline Trend



Asymmetric necklines will be seen in tops and dresses. This is a beautiful way to show off the shoulder/neckline without diving to the depths of the deep “V” plunging necklines seen on award shows.

Water and Wood: Fishnet Trend



When a Fire element wants attention, they may add fishnets or open-weave clothing to their mix, or maybe an asymmetric neckline with lots of cutouts. As The Captivator proves, skin is in! 

Let’s start with Fishnets. They’re not just for hosiery anymore. Look for oversized open-weave tops (think crochet), sweaters, toppers. Yes, they make a great swimsuit coverup, but most Fire elements may expose this trend with a different eye. 

Other elements may be scared to add this trend, but I encourage you to think outside of the box. Maybe you’ll see a handbag or shoe with a fishnet design on the leather. Of course, fishnet stockings will always be a classic in my mind, and adding them to a traditional dress will really enhance your look. 

Blazers for all the Elements



All five elements can partake in the Blazer trend, or as I like to call it, “Boss Girl!” They can be worn with jeans and boots or dressed up in the corporate arena more traditionally. Whether oversized or perfectly tailored, or in plaids, prints, solids or leather, blazers will be everywhere and in all fabric options! 

Personally, I love them slightly oversized with a great pair of dark denim (skinny) jeans and a fantastic pair of chunky heels. They can have menswear stripes, patch pockets, mandarin collars, and be worn belted or alone and buttoned up. 

You may already have a blazer in your wardrobe, so tweak and update it with your own artistic touch. Push up the sleeves, or add a scarf instead of a blouse underneath. Mix and match the colors and prints your put with the blazer to give it an edgier look.

Polka Dots Trend



What can I say about polka dots that you’re not already familiar with? We know that Metal: The Connoisseur is often drawn to them. Metals may love a column of color with dots as the accent.

Large or small dots will be seen on every type of clothing this season: pants, blouses, t’s, shoes and accessories. Just take your own Essential Way of Being, top it with a dot and you’ll be on trend! 

You’ll see metallic dots adorning evening gowns, tiny dots as lining with another larger print on top, and polka-dotted swimwear in your favorite colors. 

Water elements may want an abstract round shape. Wood elements may see spots on their fitness attire, Fire elements will demand bold-colored dots like hot pink and orange, and Earth elements will want their dots to blend into their more conservative attire.

I often like to treat trends as accessories. This season, determine what trends are right for you and have FUN with them. 

Wishing you all a beautiful sun-filled spring!