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The Wedding Season has well and truly begun.

It seems Spring/Autumn are the biggest months to have a wedding, and according to a Google search, these two seasons are the most popular for brides. And for me, here in Perth, Western Australia, it seems everywhere I look someone is celebrating their anniversary, planning a wedding or getting married, as we are in the Autumn season and have some wonderful weather. I must admit I am a bit biased to this time of year, as I was an April Bride many years ago, too.

Hence, I decided to write this article about April Brides, and what each Fashion Feng Shui Elemental Archetype may be looking for when selecting their dream wedding gown. Yes, the “dress”—every bride-to-be seems to be looking for that "aha" moment, the dress that makes them glow or brings a tear to their eyes for that special moment where they want to shine.

As we know, that ‘aha’ moment they are looking for is really them just finding their unique design, their authentic self. The ones who truly find this are the lucky ones.

Of interest, some royalty/celebrity people who married in April:

  • Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier in April 1956.
  • Camilla Parker-Bowles married Prince Charles in April 2005.
  • Kate Middleton married Prince William in April 2011.
  • Brooke Shields married Chris Henchy in April 2001—to name just a few.


The Contemplator will be looking for something unique and/or creative. Whether it's in a handkerchief hemline or a one shoulder look, or a big sleeve, they will shine. The Contemplator will be happy with a sheer chiffon and flowing look, nothing too heavy in material. 

Beads and fringing could be a big part or even a simple design in a dark color. If they have the archetypal Water body shape (sensual), they should choose a gown with more detail on the top to draw attention upwards. See below, or imagine an Art Deco-look dress with heavy beading or fringing.

I also wouldn’t hesitate to recommend trousers. A trouser outfit that comes to mind is what Julia Roberts wore to the Grammys: a strapless jumpsuit with an overskirt that was lined in black.


Might the Contemplator take it even further by choosing a winter’s day to wed, or perhaps at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve?



The Crusader will be looking for something she will feel comfortable in and can move freely in without restrictions. She may be perfectly happy in a short cotton sheath dress with a little appliqué shoulder emphasis in a floral design, or outfits like ones below showing a slight waist emphasis, which would be ideal especially if she has the archetypal Wood body shape (straight).

I could also see the Crusader wearing a trouser outfit with a slim leg. Or perhaps if she wanted to keep to a more traditional gown, she could consider a floral design or even a pleated skirt design. The Crusader would be very much at home in a park setting or on the beach with flowers in her hair. I envisage it would be a very relaxed affair!


Would the Crusader consider a dawn wedding on a Spring day?



Bling, bling and more bling is what I see together with something tight fitting like the mermaid style or low cut with a thigh high split. Whatever The Captivator chooses you can guarantee it will be dramatic and ‘look at me’ kind of gown. I envisage seeing her in sheer design as shown in the picture making it look like her skin is on show or in satin with a bustier design top. If she has The Captivator body shape she should look for gowns that balance her broad shoulders with a ball gown or mermaid style. Halter design tops would balance her too. And let’s not forget to try her out in a mermaid style with a feather bottom. It would be just how dramatic does she want to go!

Might the Captivator consider a summer wedding at noon? Probably won’t need the fur at that time!


The Caregiver will be looking for a traditional classic gown which she will feel comfortable in. The traditional look could be an A-line skirt or the traditional ball gown and she may opt for material of raw silk. If the bride has the typical Caregiver body shape she should try and choose a gown that gives waist definition as this will help balance her proportions. She could try a wide ribbon or a slightly dropped waist gown. She may even choose to cover her arms with a full sleeve or by adding a little box style jacket. The gown pictured would be perfect with its traditional look and the neckline is sightly squared with the material added to the “v”. The Caregiver will love the pockets.

Would the Caregiver consider a late summer afternoon wedding?


Perfectionism, no crinkling material here. The princess look with lace or brocade, sweetheart neckline and a cinched in waist is the look for her. She won’t shy away from some ruching either and if the gown is simple in design, add a bling belt or a wide ribbon belt bowed at the back. Her style is elegant and refined and this needs to show through. Every detail will need to be perfect. If the bride has the typical Connoisseur body shape look for gowns that flatter her curves. Whether a size 4 or 18, her shape is the easiest shape to dress but she too can have her fit issues. I would consider a Fit and Flare style and always suggest if loose fitting on the bottom go tighter fitting on the top and vice versa. Remember, a polished look and attention to detail is what The Connoisseur will be looking for.

Would the Connoisseur consider and evening wedding on an Autumn’s day?

Pictures courtesy of Paloma Blanca and JJ House.

Debbie Cunningham is the owner of Debbie’s Colours with Style, an image consultant and a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator. Debbie started her journey as an image consultant in 2011. Debbie has trained with several companies but felt something was missing: she wanted something unique, something that would set her apart. Along her journey, she heard about Fashion Feng Shui, was interested and a course was starting, it was meant to be. Debbie became the first licensed Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator in Australia in 2013 and is the only Facilitator practising in Perth, Western Australia. She is very proud and honoured to be a qualified Facilitator. She would love to help you find the confidence to dress confidently but more importantly she would like you to feel comfortable in what you are wearing, no matter what occasion it is, and for you to discover who you are so your clothes reflect the real you. For more information, or a chat contact Debbie at or [email protected].

Debbie Cunningham