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Floral prints are popping up everywhere. They’re in dresses, jackets, shoes, scarves, handbags, trench coats and more. Do you find yourself drawn to some floral print and put off by others?

There’s a reasonable explanation for that, and it has to do with your Essential Way of Being!

Would you like a shortcut for choosing a floral print that looks like it was made for you? Here are some tips for making choices that will please you to your core.

If your style personality is CREATIVE, aka artistic, as found in Fashion Feng Shui Water energy, go right past the small, delicate prints and head toward ones that make a statement. Nothing says creative like a floral sheath dress with a matching handbag. Or, look for an item that has an oversized floral print where the flowers are as big as a salad plate. You may also be attracted to abstract prints in jacket styles like the bomber, moto jacket, or a trench coat.

Are you a RULE BREAKER? Dive right in and wear an outfit with mixed floral prints. You might opt for a large-scale floral print circle skirt with a more delicate ruffled floral top in contrasting colors. Use a man’s tie as a belt to break up the patterns. You could wear an anorak jacket with a print of jumbo-sized hothouse roses, and team it with plaid cropped pants and sneakers.

Do you have an ACTIVE style? If you identify with a dynamic lifestyle, as found in Fashion Feng Shui Wood energy, you’ll enjoy floral athletic shoes to wear with khaki, cuffed or cargo cotton pants. You’d also enjoy wearing a cotton blouse in a super soft, smaller-sized floral print in light pastel tones. Another option could be a favorite cotton T-shirt. Tuck a front edge inside your jeans, add a floral headband or hair clip, put on your flip-flops and you’re enjoying floral prints your way!

Do you favor a DRAMATIC style? If you identify with a charismatic, fun-loving lifestyle, aka Fashion Feng Shui Fire energy, then you’re on the hunt for a floral print jumpsuit. The brighter the colors, the more confident you look. Or choose a jumpsuit in a bold, crisp black and white floral print. Create dramatic contrast with red or yellow pumps and a patent handbag in gold, pink or turquoise.

Do you appreciate TRADITIONAL style notes? This could be you if you have Fashion Feng Shui Earth energy! Chances are there’s an airy floral print top or dress that looks inspired by pages of a horticulture book found in an antique store. You might also enjoy dressing up a casual outfit with a graceful, long silk scarf. Let it drape over a fitted T-shirt, your simple slim jeans, and espadrilles. Casual elegance never looked better!

If you prefer an ELEGANT style, aka refined, as found in Fashion Feng Shui Metal energy, wear a silk sheath dress in a floral print with dark background color. The darker background color allows you to add a solid-colored silk or linen jacket that would look good at work. You can also choose a floral print cigarette pant; add a quality silk sweater and kitten heels. You’ve got this!

How do you want to enjoy floral prints? Will you wear a floral print head-to-toe jumpsuit like Ms. Dramatic does? Are in interested in wearing a small amount of floral print like Ms. Active does in her athletic shoes? When you consider your personal style, it helps you get laser-focused when shopping for floral prints to add to your warm-weather wardrobe.

Would you like help choosing prints that are right for you and your lifestyle? Working with a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator will align your perfect floral wardrobe with your personality style! Check out our Wardrobe Wellness Check, and we’ll help you find clothes and accessories that celebrate your personality and suit your activities…in style!


Clarisse Ringwald, owner of Clarisse Color Creations, LLC., an Arizona-based company, is a licensed Fashion Feng Shui Master as well as an Essential Colors™ Certified Consultant. Clarisse works with women and men to solve their style puzzle in 5 Easy Steps: Who You Are; Find Your Colors; Your Intentions; The Foundation; and Sync Your Style. An Author, Speaker and Teacher, Clarisse provides unique styling experiences for the individual, for groups as well as corporate team building seminars and workshops for empowerment, management and leadership.

Clarisse Ringwald