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Fashion Feng Shui has always been a holistic practice, as it succeeds in addressing the mind, body and spirit where most other image practices fall short. This is why we've been talking so much about well-being lately, and why we decided to change the name of our monthly newsletter from Wardrobe Wisdom to Wardrobe Wellness. After all, appearance is only one small part of the bigger picture we're interested in.

Transformational Triad

In that vein, we realize that our Transformational Triad, which we've always used to illustrate the interplay of essence, appearance and intention, doesn't deal with other key aspects of how we live our lives and interact with others. Also, the triangular form can't capture the roundness of who we are deep down—after all, our essence remains constant and at the center of it all. What changes are our looks, our goals in life, our lifestyle, and how we deal with the people we interact with, work with and love.

Wardrobe Wellness Wheel

These four aspects of our lives all vie for our attention and can rotate around what we've decided to dub the Wardrobe Wellness Wheel. This new tool illustrates the circular, evolutionary and revolutionary aspects of our Fashion Feng Shui journey. So our Four Fabulous Words are now Five! By fulfilling our essence through what we choose to wear, we ensure that we can also fortify ourselves to make our intentions come true, flatter our appearance, function for our lifestyle, and foster relationships that are meaningful, whether at work or play.

Our intention with Fashion Feng Shui is to offer you a practice that brings you positivity and wellness. We're not interested in befores and afters, or telling you that you must transform to become a better you. Everyone is beautiful, and with our principles of balance and letting the true you shine through, we hope to help you to live your best life through what you choose to wear!

Andrew is a graduate of Boston University and the University of Amsterdam. In addition to serving as director of Fashion Feng Shui International, he offers intercultural awareness coaching to expats and their families and is a proud hubby to Jeremy and "Bop" to Audrey and Remy. Contact him at [email protected] or +1 781.430.8694.

Andrew Maggiore and kids