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Debbie Cunningham is the owner of Debbie’s Colours with Style, an image consultant and a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator. Debbie started her journey as an image consultant in 2011. Debbie has trained with several companies but felt something was missing: she wanted something unique, something that would set her apart. Along her journey, she heard about Fashion Feng Shui, was interested and a course was starting, it was meant to be. Debbie became the first licensed Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator in Australia in 2013 and is the only Facilitator practising in Perth, Western Australia. She is very proud and honoured to be a qualified Facilitator. She would love to help you find the confidence to dress confidently but more importantly she would like you to feel comfortable in what you are wearing, no matter what occasion it is, and for you to discover who you are so your clothes reflect the real you. For more information, or a chat contact Debbie at or [email protected].

Debbie Cunningham