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Fashion Feng Shui: The Power of Dressing with Intention

Clothing, your body’s most intimate environment, influences your life as much as the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui teaches that your home and business decors do. Evana Maggiore’s fascinating book introduces you to this transformational dressing technique that combines ancient wisdom and solid fashion and image advice. The 2014 edition includes a new foreword by world-renowned image professional and Fashion Feng Shui Master Trainer Sue Donnelly and a never-before-seen article and cutting-edge quiz by Evana Maggiore herself.

Fashion Feng Shui for Life: Real-World Solutions for Finding Fulfillment and Prosperity

The next chapter in the most innovative image and personal enrichment system around, Fashion Feng Shui for Life takes five-element style principles and applies them to tangible, real-life situations. Learn more about what makes you who you are at your core, gain insight into your interactions with others, and make choices in and out of your closet that ensure you are living your very best life.

Fashion Feng Shui for Men: Bring Fulfillment and Prosperity to Every Aspect of Your Life

In Fashion Feng Shui for Men, Geraldine Wijsbeek presents the practice of Fashion Feng Shui in clear and concise terms to guys. Now celebrating its 20th year, Fashion Feng Shui is a revolutionary image practice that applies five-element wisdom to personal style and well-being. Its holistic approach empowers practitioners to wear what they love while honoring who they are, and it has helped hundreds of people create closet harmony. By and large these individuals have been women—until now. Through insights, quizzes and case studies, men learn how to dress so they can honor their innate being, realize their goals and live their very best life.