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Wardrobe Wellness Workshop
Have you ever wondered why you have so many clothes that you never wear? Or how about when people say you look great, but you don't always feel it? Does shopping leave you overwhelmed? With our Wardrobe Wellness Workshop, you learn how to make clothing choices that make you look and feel fabulous. In just five quick weeks, you'll be creating your own closet harmony and living your best life! Contact us for dates.
Facilitator Certification Training Course
The Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator Certification Training Course is our professional seminar designed to train you in the practice of Fashion Feng Shui. This online course is suitable for image consultants, feng shui practitioners, life coaches, holistic health professionals, and anyone else who wants to take their business to the next level and offer their clients a life-changing tool. Contact us for dates.
Bagua Essentials for a Passionate and Powerful Life

Learn how to wake up all of the areas of your life by applying the Bagua map to your structure. This 4 -week course is designed to give you a background in Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, and knowledge of the Bagua, the holistic map of structure from the I Ching.