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Getting dressed is easy, right? You’d certainly like to think so. After all, we have to do it every day. BUT it can be a struggle. Weight loss/gain, hormonal fluctuations, lifestyle changes and a BIG occasion can all lead to despair. Nothing looks right. Nothing fits. “A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear” is a “well-worn” cliché but it’s one we all understand and recognize.

So, what if?

  • Every time you opened the door, you breathed a luxurious sigh of relief?
  • The clothes within always suited the occasion, your lifestyle and flattered your appearance?
  • Your wardrobe felt like “coming home”?
  • You looked great but, even better, you FELT great as you’d found your own, unique style

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

At Fashion Feng Shui, we believe that what you wear is as important to your health and wellbeing as a good night’s sleep and wholesome food. Getting dressed should not be stressful. It should be a pleasure, a delight, joyful and fulfilling, whatever your age, gender, shape, size, occupation or lifestyle.

woman in pink blazer

Maybe it’s time you checked in for some Wardrobe Wellness?

Select your facilitator to get started!

For your Wardrobe Wellness Check, we pair you with one of our Fashion Feng Shui Facilitators worldwide for a personalized online consult that reveals the kind of clothing that works best for your own mind, body and spirit.

Your Wardrobe Wellness Check is a live session with a skilled FFS Facilitator. In it, you'll work together to elucidate your Essential Way of Being (Primary and Influencing Essences) and the clothes that honor it.

You complete a questionnaire and upload photos of yourself and some clothing items, which your FFS Facilitator receives in advance of the session.

You'll come away with an even deeper understanding of which clothes will fulfill your essence (that’s who you are at your very core), flatter your appearance, function for your lifestyle and fortify you to achieve everything you wish for!

With your Wellness Check, you'll get a roadmap to clothing recommendations that fit with your unique physical and spiritual profile. You'll also receive tips on the best ways and places to shop for an individual like you.

Your Wardrobe Wellness Check includes:

  • A pairing with a select member of our Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator Community
  • A 75-minute online session that looks at your essence, your appearance and your goals
  • Tangible suggestions on clothing that will honor you in every way
  • Tips on shopping that will specifically suit you AND your budget
  • Access to our private Create Closet Harmony Facebook group, where you can gain insight and exchange ideas with FFS Facilitators and clients from all over the world
  • The opportunity to continue to work one-on-one with your FFS Facilitator following the initial session

Get tailor-made advice from our experts!

The mission of Fashion Feng Shui is to help you to honor who you are and then dress accordingly. You will learn so much about yourself and the clothes that serve you on every level: personally, professionally, physically and spiritually. That’s what the Wardrobe Wellness Check will do for you!

Ready to get started?

We have six Fashion Feng Shui Facilitators available for your Wardrobe Wellness Check session. Once you've decided which facilitator you would prefer to work with, visit our scheduling page to book your appointment. If you'd like some assistance selecting a facilitator, please contact us.


Andrew Maggiore

Andrew Maggiore became director of Fashion Feng Shui International in 2013, after an international career as a cultural trainer and localization consultant. Recently, he has begun to speak on the subject of Fashion Feng Shui and how the practice can help anyone live a more fulfilling life through their clothing, regardless of who they are or what their background is. He looks forward to working with the male demographic on their path to Wardrobe Wellness. 

Andrew is based in Massachusetts, USA.

Andrew Maggiore

Barbara Vandenbunder

Barbara is passionate about beauty, colour and expressing your inner self with your clothes. She believes that your wardrobe can really empower you and give you more self-confidence. She has a background in communication and a love for non-toxic skincare and make-up. She is an image consultant, make-up artist, skincare coach and colour comfort coach.

Barbara is based in Belgium.

Barbara Vandenbunder

Clarisse Ringwald

Clarisse is a Fashion Feng Shui Master working with women and men using their personal energies to solve their style puzzle, identifying WHO they are, WHAT they want more of in their life and designing a WEARable wardrobe.

Clarisse is based in Arizona, USA.

Clarisse Ringwald

Elizabeth Rouprich

Elizabeth empowers her clients by helping them update or change their image and find their personal voice through fashion. She also works as a commercial stylist, coordinates fashion shows around the upstate and teaches workshops and seminars on image.

Elizabeth is based in South Carolina, USA.

Elizabeth Rouprich

Jennifer Newman

Jennifer is a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator and Essential Colors™ Certified Consultant. She loves working (and playing) with the Five Elements, as we each have our own unique elemental energy signature. When we align with these energies and honor our essential selves, our souls shine and it shows through in our appearance.

Jennifer is based in Colorado, USA.

Jennifer Newman

Kerry Cordero

Kerry has been a personal stylist and image consultant for over ten years now and it has always been her passion to create beautiful outfits for her clients that transform them and make them feel authentic, courageous, confident and joyful. Fashion Feng Shui dressing techniques are an extraordinary way to help you dress so that your appearance, your essence or true self and your goals support each other.

Kerry is based in New Jersey, USA.

Kerry Cordero

Sue Donnelly

Sue is a Fashion Feng Shui Master Facilitator, an International Award winning Image Coach, Presenter, TV Expert and Author who empowers her clients to 'Style their Soul, Spirit and Silhouette'. The result - an authentic, unique and confident you with a wardrobe that supports every aspect of your life.

Sue is based in the United Kingdom.

Sue Donnelly